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5 Firewood Cover Ideas: Pros, Cons and the Best One

Firewood covers are a necessity for anyone who wants to store firewood. Firewood covers are designed to protect your wood from the elements, but they do not have to be plain or boring. The right firewood cover can make all the difference between an eyesore and a work of art in your yard. Here are five different firewood cover ideas with pros, cons, and our favorite pick at the end.

Tarp and Bungies

A tarp and bungee cord cover is the least expensive and most accessible firewood cover to build. This type of firewood cover can be put together in minutes with just a few supplies from your local hardware store. A tarp will protect your wood from the rain and snow, while bungies will keep it tightly secured.


  • Cheap and Easy
  • Firewood stays dry on all sides


  • This is the least durable firewood cover idea. Don't expect it to last more than one or two seasons in all but mild climates or even through one rough storm.
  • The logs will be exposed to the ground unless you stack them on pallets.

Firewood Cover Frame 

A firewood cover frame is a simple way to cover your firewood. It is essentially a metal frame with a tarp, or other covering stretched over it. The frame can be built out of any material you like, and the cover can be replaced whenever it becomes damaged.


  • The frame can be built out of any material you like
  • The cover is easily replaced whenever it becomes damaged


  • Poor protection from the elements
  • If not properly anchored, the wind can lift it and damage your tarp

Firewood Rack with Roof

If you are into carpentry, you can easily make your own firewood rack with a roof. This type of cover is very popular because it is easy to build and provides good protection from the elements from above. The top will shed rain and snow to keep the wood dry, preventing wood rot. 



  • Firewood gets wet on the sides when it storms.
  • The upfront cost can be high for materials.
  • Usually, you will want to stack against something; if this stand-alone rack is not up against a wall, the wood can become unstable. 


A woodshed is the most durable and best option for protecting your firewood. It is specifically designed to store firewood and usually comes with a roof and walls. You can DIY your own woodshed, so they last the longest and provide the best protection from the weather.


  • The most durable firewood cover option
  • Complete protection from the elements


  • The most expensive firewood cover option
  • Requires extensive carpentry knowledge
  • Requires space

The Best Firewood Cover Option: Cordwood Covers

If you are looking for a firewood cover that is both unique and practical, cordwood covers are the way to go. Cordwood Covers fit on the Holz Hausen firewood pile method and are made from split logs that have been stacked in a circle. This type of firewood stacking technique combined with the Cordwood Cover provides an aesthetically pleasing woodpile and good protection from the weather.


  • Unique and Efficient
  • Good protection from the elements
  • It looks fantastic in your yard!
  • Heavy-Duty and Rip Resistant
  • Drys wood fast


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many firewood cover options out there. Firewood covers all come with their own set of pros and cons, so it is essential to take your individual needs into account when deciding what kind you want for your wood storage area.

Cordwood Covers is our favorite Firewood Cover option because it looks nice and is highly efficient at keeping our firewood dry.